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Hi, thanks for visiting this website.

I am from India  and  a great admirer of Sabri Brothers and particularly Maqbool Sabri. I have created this website as there is no proper resource of this legend anywhere on the internet. My effort is to put together every information about Sabri Brothers at one place. I will be continuously updating this website as and when I get any info and as my time permits. No profit is intended through this website and the only intention is to provide comprehensive and correct information related to Sabri Brothers in general and Maqbool Sabri in particular.

You may be surprised to know that I did not know Sabri Brothers even till last year. I am a music fan and listen to all kinds of music, but never ventured to listen to anything in qawwali genre. But I have heard “Paisa Bolta Hai” in my childhood days when my father sometimes played it taking out his old cassettes. Though I did not understand it at that time, I used to like it very much and the tune was so catchy that I never forgot it. Just a few months back, suddenly I remembered it and searched on Youtube. It was then that I got to know that it was sung by the Sabri Brothers. I then checked out some recommendations of their other videos from that page and played Chaap Tilak video from their UK tour of 1988 (you can find it on Youtube here). I was left completely mesmerized with it and liked it so much that I played it many times continuously that day. That was the beginning of my journey with the Sabri Brothers and it is still continuing. I never understood or liked classical music but when it is by the Sabri Brothers (especially Maqbool Sabri), it appears divine to me. Whenever I listen to them, it affects me so much that cannot be explained in words.

I have tried to find out more about these brothers but soon realized that very less information exists about them. Many of their old recordings are lost and many of their concert videos are limited to only a few owners of the VHS tapes which are not shared anywhere. My effort of creating this website is to collect all these resources if possible and put them all at one place, while giving credit to the original owners. I hope that this website will be successful atleast to some extent in its mission as time goes on.

My intention is only to share information about Sabri Brothers and Maqbool Sabri particularly and I do not intend to have any monetary benefits from this website. It is just my return gift to the one who inspired and gave much bliss through his beautiful voice.


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If you want to contact me directly by email, then write to admin@maqboolsabri.com


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