1988 – Sabri Brothers Vol 43

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Sabri Brothers Vol 43 (1988)

Ghulam Farid Sabri, Maqbool Sabri & Party
Music: Maqbool Ahmed Sabri

Label: T-Series
Format: Audio Cassette
Country: India ( compilation of tracks from South Africa and Pakistan)
Year: 1988
Manufactured By – Super Cassettes Industries Pvt Ltd.


Side One
Man Bole Man Shah-e-Zaman – Part1  39:18 (Total Part1 & Part2)
Lyrics: Maqbool Sabri

Side Two
Man Bole Man Shah-e-Zaman – Part2
Lyrics: Maqbool Sabri

Mohammad Ki Chatai Ne Bhi Kya Taqdeer Pai Hai 10:33
Lyrics:Hamid Baig Alam

Hazrat Abu Bakr Ne Sadaqat Sameit Li 9:48

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