Man Bole Man Shah-e-Zaman (Lyrics & Translation)

“Man Bole Man Shah-e-Zaman” is a beautiful qawwali rendered by the Sabri Brothers in praise of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). The main lines of this qawwali are written by Maqbool Sabri himself. It also includes lines from different Urdu and Persian poems, perfectly compiled in order to suit the theme. Here are the lyrics (in Roman script) and translation of the beautiful lines rendered in deep love of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

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Title: Man Bole Man Shah-e-Zaman
Music: Maqbool Sabri
Rendered by: The Sabri Brothers – Maqbool Ahmed Sabri (main vocals), Ghulam Farid Sabri (supporting vocals)
Written by: Maqbool Sabri (main lines)
Also included – lines by Hazrat Ambar Shah Warsi, Hazrat Bedam Shah Warsi, Jami (R.A), Amir Khusrau (R.A.), et al.

According to Sufi belief, the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was created from the light of God Himself and he is usually described as wearing a black cloak (or blanket) over his shoulders. The starting lines are according to this description.

Man bole man Shah-e-Zaman
My heart says, Emperor of the world

Kaali kaali kamli hai, noor ka badan
Black is his blanket (cloak), body of radiance

Kaunain ke badshah hain yani Shafi-e-umam
He is the king of both worlds, the intercessor of mankind

Woh hain Habib-e-Khuda, sab pe hai unka karam
He is the beloved of God, on everyone is his grace

Pyare nabi ka mere naam kitna pyara hai
How beautiful is the name of my beloved prophet

Quran Khuda ne mere aaqa pe utara hai
God revealed Quran to my lord

Mecca aur Madina mere aaqa ka watan
Mecca-Madina is the dominion of my lord

Kaali kaali kamli hai, noor ka badan
Black is his blanket (cloak), body of radiance

Yeh mera man bole, yeh mera man bole
My heart says, my heart says

Zaban par jab bhi naam-e-Ahmed-e-Mukhtar aata hai
Whenever the name of Ahmed, the chosen one comes upon my lips

Zameen ka zarra zarra wajd mein har baar aata hai
Every grain of earth (of that place, Madina) comes over in my ecstasy everytime

Khuda rakhe Madine ko, Madina aisi basti hai
May God bless Madina, Madina is such a place

Mujhe saqi to saqi, maikade se pyar aata hai
I anyhow have love for my wine-bearer, but I feel the love even towards that tavern
(Here Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) is the wine-bearer of divine love and Madina is compared to the tavern of that wine)

Kiya hai hijr ke ehsaas ne udaas mujhe
The feeling of separation has made me sad

Bula hi lijiye sarkar apne paas mujhe
Do call me to yourself now, my lord
(the line emphasizes on pleading the lord to call, which is not possible to translate in English)


Main jaaun Madine meri auqat nahi hai
I cannot provide myself (financially) to go to Madina

Sarkar bulale to badi baat nahi hai
But if my lord calls me, it is nothing at all

Isne bhi Madina dekh liya, isne bhi Madina dekh liya
He has seen Madina, and he has also seen Madina

Sarkar, kabhi toh main bhi kahoon maine bhi Madina dekh liya
My lord, I also want to say that I too have seen Madina


Lines by Hazrat Ambar Shah Warsi

Nazar mein jalwa ho aathon pahar Madine ka
My dream is to see the glories of Madina all round the clock

Tawaaf karta rahoon umr bhar Madine ka
And to keep moving round Madina all my life

Quran ki har ayat-o-soorat dekhi
I have known every verse and part of Quran

Islam ki tafseer-o-haqeeqat dekhi
I have known the meaning and the truth of Islam

Iman pe jab ghaur kiya Ambar ne
And when I turned my mind towards the faith, O Ambar

Sarkar-e-do alam ki mohabbat dekhi
I have realized the love of the lord of both worlds


Hindi lines most probably by Swamy Haridas:

Ai Manmohan, taiba-dhani, qausain ke rajishparee
O sweetheart, the most pious, ruler of the skies

Chandar-mukhat, sooraj baran nirkar jyoti, man hari
moon-faced, sun-bright, formless radiance, heart-throb

Mukhde ko tere dekhkar prabhu ne ye asha kari
On seeing your face, the almighty foresaw this


Persian lines by Hazrat Amir Khusrau

Ai chehra-e-zeba-e-tu rashk-e-butaan-e-Azari
Oh you beautiful face, the envy of Azar’s idols
(Azar, the father of Prophet Abraham was a famous idol maker and seller. The idols he made were said to be very beautiful and attractive)

Har chand wasfat mikunam dar husn az aan balaa-tari
Howsoever I describe you, your beauty remains superior to my words


Rooh-ul-Amin se ek din kehne lage Shah-e-Umam
One day the king of mankind(Prophet Mohammed) asked Rooh-ul-Amin ( Angel Gabriel i.e. Spirit of the faithful)

Tumne to dekha hai jahan
As you have seen the world

Batlaao to kaise hain hum
Tell me, how do I look

Khush ho ke yun kehne lage
Happily he answered

Ai Shah, tere rukh ki kasam
O king! I vow by your face and tell


Persian lines by Hazrat Amir Khusrau

Aafaqaha gardeeda am, mehr-e-butaan warzeeda am
I have wandered over the heavens and universe, I have experienced the affection of deities

Bisyar khooban deeda am, lekin tu cheez-e-deegari
Many beauties I have seen, but you are something different


Lines by Hazrat Ambar Shah Warsi

Haamid hai tera wasf, Mohammed hai tera naam
You are worthy of praise, Mohammed is your name

Rutba tera baland hai, aala tera maqam
Your rank is the highest, greatest is your position

Farman-e-rab hai Rehmat-e-Kamil kahoon tujhe
As God himself conferred, I describe you as the most merciful

Yani ke kaaenat ka hasil kahun tujhe
I describe you as the interpretation of the whole universe

Kat jaaye saari umr tere zikr-e-paak mein
May my whole life be spent in reciting your holy name

Mil jaaye meri khaak madine ki khaak mein
May my body turn to dust in the dust of Madina


Commentary: My heart says no about few things, listen what they are

Yeh mera man bole, kya mera man bole
My heart says, what my heart says..

Mera man na bole, Mera man na bole
My heart says no, My heart says no

Kaha ye Heer ne Ranjhe ke jaisa ho nahi sakta
Heer said there could be no one like Ranjha (my heart says no)

Kaha Wamiq ne ke Azra ke jaisa ho nahi sakta
Wamiq said there could be no one like Azra (my heart says no)

Kaha Majnun ne koyi misl-e-Laila ho nahi sakta
Majnun said no one could be like Laila  (my heart says no)

Kaha Farhad ne Shireen ke jaisa ho nahi sakta
Farhad said there could be no one like Shireen (my heart says no)

Zuleikha ne kaha Yousuf se achha ho nahi sakta
Zuleikha said there could be no one better than Yousuf i.e.Joseph (my heart says no)

To kaha un sab se maine jhoot hai, kya ho nahi sakta
Then I told all of them wrong, what can never happen is that..

Mohammed doosra paida jahan mein ho nahi sakta
There could be no other Mohammed born in this world


Tu fakhr-e-kaaenat hai, rehmat tera wujood
You are the pride of this universe, mercy is your identity

Arsh-e-bari se tujhpe malaaek padhe durood
Angels send their blessings over you from the skies

Azmat ka ho bayan to Sadr-al-Ula kahun
Listing your glories, I describe you as the greatest leader..

Badr-ud-Duja kahun tujhe, Shams-ud-Duha kahun
as the fullmoon (that shines in darkness), as the morning sun (that brings light)

Kat jaaye saari umr tere zikr-e-paak mein
May my whole life be spent in reciting your holy name

Mil jaaye meri khaak Madine ki khaak mein
May my body turn to dust in the dust of Madina


Gham ke maaron ka sahara ye tera lutf-o-karam
Your benefaction is the relief of the grief-stricken

Reh gaya hashr mein iman-o-aqeedat ka bharam
On judgement day, one thing that has remained is the reliance of faith and trust

Daulat-e-kaun-o-makan hai tere deewane ka gham
The wealth of both worlds is a grief to your devotee

Teri tauqeer se kaunain ki taqdeer bani
The universe is created in your honour

Tu nahi hai to do alam mein koyi cheez nahi
Without you, there is nothing in both the worlds

Lazzat-e-yaad-e-nabi, zikr-e-nabi, hubb-e-nabi
The only pleasure is in remembrance of the prophet, reciting the name of the prophet, showing love towards the prophet

Yeh mera man bole
My heart says..

Insaan hai magar azmat-e-insaan bhi wohi hai
He is human but he is the glory of mankind too

Bande hai magar mazhar-e-yazdan bhi wohi hai
Slave (of God) but manifestation of God too

Tauqeer-e-haram kaaba-e-imaan bhi wohi hai
He is the honour of Mecca and its faith too

Quran bhi wohi, hamil-e-Quran bhi wohi hai
He is the Quran and also the guardian of Quran

Un jaisa yahan baad-e-khuda koyi nahi hai
There is no one like him here after the almighty

Sab kuch hai wohi, unke siwa koyi nahi hai
Everything is he, there is no one else other than he


Kisi dar par na mujhko sar jhukane ki tamanna hai
I do not wish to bow at any other place

Kahin mujhko na qismat aazmane ki tamanna hai
I do not wish to try my luck anywhere else

Na mujhko daulat-o-duniya hi paane ki tamanna hai
Nor do I wish to acquire the wealth of this world

Mohammed Mustafa ke dar pe jaane ki tamanna hai
My wish is to visit the abode of Mohammed Mustafa

Madine se palat kar phir na aane ki tamanna hai
My wish is to not return back from Madina


Lines by Hazrat Bedam Shah Warsi

Ajab tamasha ho maidan-e-hashr mein Bedam
May a wonderful scene take place on judgement day, O Bedam

Ke sab ho pesh-e-khuda aur main roo-ba-roo-e-rasool
That while everyone is present before God, may I be face to face with the prophet


Main saail hoon, meri auqaat kya hai
I am the seeker, what could be my level

Tum aaqa ho, tumhari baat kya hai
You are the lord, what to say about you


Jo jaane wale Madine ke hain sunen woh zara
Those visiting Madina, please hear this

Shah-e-Madina se itna zaroor keh dena
Do tell this to the king of Madina..

Ke ek zakhmi-e-teer-e-nigaah nazar, jo pada
That, one wounded by the arrow of your glance was there..

Tadap tadap ke woh kehta tha ya rasoolallah
In agony, he was calling Ya Rasoolallah (Oh, the prophet) all the time


Lines by Hazrat Bedam Shah Warsi

Hoke rooposh na dil tod tamannayi ka
Don’t break the heart of your devotee by remaining invisible

Hausla past na kar apne tu shaidai ka
Don’t break the spirit of your lover


Tadap tadap ke woh kehta tha ya rasoolallah
In agony, he was calling Ya Rasoolallah (Oh, the prophet) all the time

Banda-parwar nigaah-e-karam kijiye
O benefactor, please throw a glance of your mercy

Ab na kuch intehan-e-wafa lijiye
Now please don’t test my faith

Mujhko ikraar hai main gunahgaar hoon
I accept that I am a sinner

Mujhko kamli mein apni chupa lijiye
Please give me refuge inside your blanket


Woh khatm-e-rusool, mohsin-e-kul, aali nasab hai
He is the last of the prophets, benefactor of the world and the greatest of mankind

Woh shaan-e-karam, jaan-e-haram, fakhr-e-arab hai
He is the most merciful, the soul of Mecca, the pride of Arabia

Woh lagzish-e-Adam ki talafi ka sabab hai
He is the reason for deliverance of Adam’s mistake

Aur azmatein unki abhi daryaft talab hai
His glories are yet to be discovered

Ye ramz-e-khuda hai, ise rehne do yahin tak
This is the mystery of God, so leave it here

Is raaz se waqif nahi hai Jibreel-e-Ameen tak
This secret is not revealed even to angel Gabriel


Ek haath se duniya ko andhere se nikala
With one hand he took out the world from darkness

Ek haath se girte hue logon ko sambhala
With another hand he supported the falterers

Ek aan mein Bu Jahl ki duniya ka ho baala 
He could upturn the fate of Abu Jahl in a moment

Ek zaat ke jis zaat ka aijaz nirala
Belonged to a race that was extraordinarily blessed

Ek moajiza-e-sang kalami hi bahut hai
The miracle of the written stone is enough

Azmat ke liye ism-e-girami hi bahut hai
To glorify, the revered name is enough


Jo baais-e-takhleeq-e-do alam tha wohi noor
(It was) The light which was the reason for the creation of both worlds

Jo zeenat-e-peshani-e-Adam tha wohi noor
The light which was the beauty of Adam’s forehead

Asrar-o- hijabat ka mehram tha wohi noor
The light which was the confidant of the divine secrets and mysteries

Jo roz-e-azal hi se moazzam tha wohi noor
The light which was honoured from the first day of creation

Faila to huin wussatein kaunain ki mehdood
When (that light) spread, expanses of the universe were enclosed

Aur simta to zamane mein mohammed hue maujood
And when converged, then appeared Mohammed in the world


Jis naam ko Allah ne tehreer kiya hai
The name which was composed by Allah Himself

Jis naam ko aafaaq ki takdeer kiya hai
The name which was destined for the universe

Jis naam ko Quran se taabeer kiya hai
The name which was explained with the Quran

Jis naam pe kaunain ko tameer kiya hai
The name on which the whole universe was created

Woh naam-e-Mohammed hai, magar kaise likha jaaye
That is the name of Mohammed, but how to write it

Kis tarah samandar kisi kooze mein samaa jaaye
How to fill the whole ocean in a small jug


Ummi hai magar ilm ki tafseer wohi hai
Illiterate, but the meaning of all education is he

Mukhtar-e-jahan, makhdam-e-tauqeer wohi hai
Monarch of the world, the most honourable is he

Zulmat ke liye azdan-e-tanveer wohi hai
For darkness (of ignorance and transgression) the light of mercy is he

Quran ke auraq par tehreer wohi hai
The description on the pages of Quran is he

Naam unka pukara gaya jis waqt azaan mein
When his name was called out in azaan (prayer call)

Tauheed ki rau daud gayi jism-o-jahan mein
The stream of tauheed*  ran down over the whole world  (*tauheed is the concept of oneness of God)


Dil shefta-e-sayyed-e-makki madani hai
My heart is distracted with love over the king of Mecca-Madina

Kya husn-e-muqaddar mera Allah-o-Ghani hai
Allah, the self-sufficient, is this the beauty of my destiny

Naqqaash-e-azal ne kaha tasveeer bana kar
The creator of the universe said after making his picture

Na aisi koyi tasveer banegi, na bani hai
Never would such a picture be made and never was


Husn ki jaan hogaya hoga
He must have become the beloved of beauty itself

Balke imaan hogaya hoga
But must have become its faith too

Jab bana hoga woh qad-e-mauzoo
When that figure was carved out

Qayamat-e-tu qayamat hasp(?)*
You are a calamity even to the doomsday

Har nigaah-e-tu mehshare, mehshar-e-taazakun baqa (?)*
Each glance of yours will bring one back from doomsday to eternity

Chashm-e-siyah-e-mast ara
Such is the intoxication of your black eyes
* These lines need correction

Persian lines by Maulana Jami (R.A)

Ba ghamze sehre, nigaah jadu
With bewitching amorous look, magical glance

Ba tura afsun, ba qad qayamat
With a spell casting forelock, with a figure that is a calamity (calamity in Persian is used akin to killer as in killer looks in English)

Ba khat banefsha, ba zulf sonbol
With whiskers like violet flowers, with hair like hyacinth

Ba chashm nargis, ba rukh gulistan
With beautiful eyes like the narcissus, with a face like a rose garden


Persian lines by Hazrat Amir Khusrau (R.A.)

Pari paikar nigaar-e-sarw-qad-e-laala rukhsare
With a graceful body like a cypress and cheeks like the red tulip, there was an angel figure

Sarapa afat-e-dil bood shab jaay ke man boodam
From head to toe it was a calamity on the heart, where I was at night


Jab bana hoga woh qad-e-mauzoo
When that figure was carved out

Saaya qurbaan hogaya hoga
Its own shadow must have fallen in love with it (so much that it sacrificed itself and disappeared)


Persian lines by Hazrat Amir Khusrau (R.A.)

Khuda khud mir-e-majlis bood andar la-makan Khusrau
O Khusrau, God himself was the host at that congregation in heaven

Mohammed shama-e-mehfil bood shab jaay ke man budam
Where Mohammed was the light of the gathering where I was at night


Lines by Hazrat Ambar Shah Warsi

Tishna-e-deed lahoo dil ka piya karta hoon
Thirsty of your glimpse, I swallow tears of blood from my heart

Tees hoti hai, jigar thaam liya karta hoon
Writhing in pain, I hold my heart

Zakhm-e-dil baith ke har roz siya karta hoon
Everyday I sew the wound of my heart

Naam le le ke Mohammed ka jiya karta hoon
Uttering the name of Mohammed again and again, I carry on my life

Man bole man Shah-e-Zaman
My heart says, emperor of the world

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