Shikwa Jawab E Shikwa

Update (12 Jan 2020):

Please check out the video of my own translation of Shikwa & Jawab-e-Shikwa as rendered by The Sabri Brothers:


Original Article:

I found this translation & transliteration of Allama Iqbal’s Shikwa Jawab E Shikwa in English on the internet (which was perhaps published in 2001). The verses are written in the same order rendered by Sabri Brothers and the translation and transliteration are the best I found till now of this masterpiece.

Unfortunately I was not able to get the contact of the original contributor, Md Ali Shariff, to get his permission for posting it here. As this was freely posted on a sharing site, I am assuming that there are no copyrights attached. Nevertheless, the full credit of this work goes to Md Ali Shariff for his amazing effort.

 I am posting first few verses here. Those interested can download the full text in pdf  form from the attachment.

kyoN ziaNkar banu, sud-faramosh  rahoN?  (Why should I be a loser and ignore my interest?)
fikre-farda na karoN, mehv-e-GHam-e-dosh rahoN  (Get lost in the sorrows of the past, and not worry of the future)
naley bulbul ke sunu, aur humhatan ghoosh rahoN  (Be engrossed in the complaints of the nightingale)
hum nava! meiN bhi koi gul hun ki KHamosh rahoN? (O Comrade! Am I any flower to be silent and not make any complaint?)

jurrat-aamoz meri tab-e-suKHan hai mujhko (My strength of expression gives me the courage)
shikwa allah se, KHakam-badhan hai mujhko (To complain before Allah in all humility)

hai baja shev-e-taslim main mashhoor haiN hum   (It is true! we are famous (susceptible) for accepting whatever is presented to us without verification. )
kissa-e-dard sunte hain ki mujboor haiN hum   (And relate these woeful stories of pain due to our helplessness )
saaz KHamosh hain, fariyad se mamoor hain hum   (Our own music (instruments) are silent as we are replete with requests )
nala aata hai agar lab pe, tau mazoor haiN hum   (And we are unable to bring (express) our grievances to our lips )
aey KHuda! shikwa-e-arbab-e-vafa bhi sun lai  (O God! Please hear to the complaints of the faithful people )
KHugar-e-hamd se thoda sa gila bhi sun lai   (Hearken the lamentations of devotees who sing your praises)

Gist: Allah has endowed me (the poet) with the ability to understand the complaints and woes of the community and I have the command of expression to put it forth before Him. I shall not remain silent and in all humility, put forth the case before Him though we are always regarded as complaining, helpless and suffering people. The tongue that was engaged usually in singing praises of Allah, is now engaged in putting forth a few complaints.


ziaNkar – Loser; Sood – Interest/gain; Faramosh – to forget/ignore;
Fardan – future, tomorrow; Doosh – past, yesterday; Naale – crying, complaint;
Hamatan – attentive, engrossed; ghoosh – listen, give ear to; Hamnawa – co-singer,
colleague, partner; Jurrat aamoz – courage, strength; Tab – capacity to bear; sukhan –
speech; Khakam badahan – with face on the Earth; Taslim – acceptance; Saaz –
musical instruments; Maamoor – full, replete; Lab – lips; mazoor – excepted, unable
to express; arbab-e-wafa – Faithful; Khoogar-e-hamd – Singers of praise;


Download complete text from here

Listen complete Shikwa Jawab E Shikwa by Sabri Brothers (in their Punjabi accent as Shakwa Jawab E Shakwa 🙂 )  here

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